summit 4 program

Drop in at the Colle Opera House on your way home, give us feedback

on the conference, have a snack, and continue the networking magic

This workshop looks at the art that comes together each day to create the local paper and how it’s digital distribution becomes the voice of the community. We will review the capturing and recording of events artistically and how the digital age has modified the craft. Reinig Morris is director of digital marketing, Newspapers of New England

ThreshHold Cooperative will introduce their plans for the creation of a cooperatively owned cultural center in Turners Falls. This will serve as starting place to facilitate a conversation about the potential of reclaiming the term social sculpture and asking how we can create spaces that support art and artists as a creative actions within a social context.

2D artists will learn about options for putting artwork on merchandise online (Print on Demand – POD). Find out about different POD choices & the variety of items one can print on. Diane will demonstrate the process of preparing for & listing an item at Zazzle. Where from there depends on participants’ needs – demos of other PODs, choosing a POD, opening a shop, marketing, tagging, prepping are possibilities.

I teach the basic tools of financial literacy to artists and other creatives, using the language and approach that fits this audience.  Using case studies, illustrations, and worksheets, I present this often dry and boring (though vital) material in a manner that is accessible, informative, and (hopefully) funny.

I would present a slide show of my photographs, including world news events, local people and businesses in the news, as well as public relations work. I would also talk about lessons learned from the above and tips on how to promote yourself and your work through local and national media outlets.


In this workshop, participants will be coached by a seasoned journalist and award-winning teacher to gain a better understanding of how journalists work.  I’ll talk about the similarities and differences in the specific needs of each group and walk them through the process that I use when interviewing to help them feel more comfortable with future press opportunities.  Participants will also get tips to tune-up existing PR skills and learn how to prepare essential items for working with the press based on their field by learning:

-The difference between a media kit and press kit and why you need both.
-How to present your best self online and make social media work for you.
-The importance of a press release and the secrets to writing one that gets results.
-Why it’s vital to research the media before starting a conversation with them.
-The do’s and don’ts of when you the media wants to talk to you.
-The different types of interviews and how to navigate them without sinking your ship.
-How to follow-up and make the very best impression to create a relationship.

No more butterflies, second guessing and forgotten thoughts to wake them up in the middle of the night.  This workshop will also include a short press release writing activity, fun review game with prizes, and Q&A time.

Wendell Berry wrote “If you don’t know where you are, you don’t know who you are.” Your feelings, experiences and emotions, plus what you know about nature, culture and history, create your ‘sense of place.’ When art is “place-based” or seen through the lens of place, it enriches your life and your region. It helps people focus on what we love and our vision for the future. Explore some prompts and practices to profoundly link your life and your work to the power of place. Your place could be from your past or present. NO experience needed! You’ll leave recharged, with fresh writings and ideas for how to foster a ‘sense of place.

This workshop is intended for anyone — artists, businesspeople, civic leaders and staff, and the general public — who wants to become more comfortable, proficient and effective at public speaking. When your goal is to persuade, inform, entertain or inspire an audience, your focus, and your audience’s attention, should be on your message, not you. Audience participation in this session is encouraged.

A talk and workshop-based discussion with John Bechtold about the converging worlds of teaching and practice in the arts.  Many of us in the arts work in some capacity as educators.  Often, these two roles seem to compete as much as converge with each other.  How does one reconcile vocation with avocation?  John is the Department Head for Performing Arts at Amherst Regional Middle and High Schools and the Director of DASAC – a large, postmodern visual and performing arts program for teens at Deerfield Academy.  His work in theater encompasses direction, devising of original works and stage/lighting design.