Business Development & Access to Capital

Learn how to raise money, grow revenue, find partners, and scale your creative business for world domination (or at least how to make a living).

This panel explains how to leverage resources to get to the next level through training, mentoring, money, and relationships. The panel and Q&A will focus on examples of how to grow a creative business by leveraging traditional and nontraditional financing and creative strategies along with relationships for growth.


Mitch Anthony, Brand Strategist

Mitch Anthony proves time and again that brand discovery, design, and strategy are powerful tools that can transforMitch Anthonym not only your marketing, but also your organization and all the people in it. They are the cornerstones of clear communication. A skilled facilitator, team builder, and presenter, he has a track record of finding synergy, traction, and opportunity where fear, over thinking, and bureaucracy slow others to a crawl. And somehow, he makes it look easy. He learned to do all this while building and developing corporate and product branding programs for such clients as Bloomberg Television, VH1, Church World Service, Microsoft, Lightlife Foods, Reebok, Avid Technology, and FX Networks.“The branding process is like the Swiss army tool of organizational learning and development,” he says. “What do you need to do? Articulate mission and vision? Branding. That’s where you start. Improve internal understanding and buy-in? Branding again. It’s a co-development process. It gives every organization a tangible way to share the experience of self-discovery.”

Mitch has served as an independent communications consultant since 1982. In that time he has dba Mitchell Anthony Associates Inc., DeWitt Anthony Inc., Titanium Inc., Radwell Communication by Design, Mitch Anthony, and now Clarity.


Jon Crispin

2006 Bay Path College Commencement

Jon Crispin has been working as a photographer his entire adult life. His work is divided between assignments, long-term photo documentary projects, and personal work. He has been funded on multiple projects through the New York State Council on the Arts, and has been recognized as a model project by Kickstarter for his successful campaigns to fund his Willard Suitcases Project. He lives in Pelham, MA and is currently serving on the Pelham Cultural Council.

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Fred Fierst, LawyerFred Fierst
Fierst, Kane, & Bloomberg LLP

Fred has been a lawyer for over 35 years in connection with television, feature films, licensing & merchandising and interactive media. He practiced corporate law in New York City for several years before moving to Northampton in 1980 and establishing the firm. During the 1980s Fred enjoyed a general practice which included everything from sophisticated corporate transactions to murder cases, torts, and divorces. Fred’s current practice, Fierst, Kane, & Bloomberg LLP, is concentrated in representing clients in the entertainment and licensing industries within which he had developed an international reputation and clientele, particularly in connection with children’s programming, software, and interactive media.

Paul Silva, Co-founder, Executive Director,
Valley Venture Mentors Entrepreneurship Program
Paul Silva

Paul is Executive Director and co-founder of Valley Venture Mentors, a startup accelerator based in Western Massachusetts.  He also serves as: manager of the River Valley Investors angel investor network, lead instructor for Lean Launchpad: Pioneer Valley, board member at Click Workspace, adviser to the UMass Amherst Entreclub , and the The Smith College Draper Competition.  In 2000 he co-founded All inPlay, a company creating software that helps the blind socialize with their fully sighted friends and families as equals.  Paul is a former board member of the Angel Capital Association.