Search marketing, which consists mostly of SEO (search engine optimization) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is essential to any business because it remains the most cost-effective marketing in most cases. The multitude of options and the growing complexity of each option make step one merely prioritizing by cost-effectiveness. This presentation will give you an executive understanding of the search marketing field, prevent pitfalls, and prioritize the top tactics. The second half will entail Q&A and will review audience members’ websites to find immediate improvements.

Rob Laporte and his firm DISC have specialized in search marketing since 1997, and Rob is the most published author in the top print/web magazine in the field,

This workshop looks at the art that comes together each day to create the local paper and how it’s digital distribution becomes the voice of the community. We will review the capturing and recording of events artistically and how the digital age has modified the craft. Reinig Morris is director of digital marketing, Newspapers of New England

2D artists will learn about options for putting artwork on merchandise online (Print on Demand – POD). Find out about different POD choices & the variety of items one can print on. Diane will demonstrate the process of preparing for & listing an item at Zazzle. Where from there depends on participants’ needs – demos of other PODs, choosing a POD, opening a shop, marketing, tagging, prepping are possibilities.

A talk and workshop-based discussion with John Bechtold about the converging worlds of teaching and practice in the arts.  Many of us in the arts work in some capacity as educators.  Often, these two roles seem to compete as much as converge with each other.  How does one reconcile vocation with avocation?  John is the Department Head for Performing Arts at Amherst Regional Middle and High Schools and the Director of DASAC – a large, postmodern visual and performing arts program for teens at Deerfield Academy.  His work in theater encompasses direction, devising of original works and stage/lighting design.

We all know that social media is a powerful tool, but who is doing it well? This presentation will show the best ways to use Twitter, Facebook and regular blogging to get your business out in front of a wider audience.  Using specific examples of successful Social media promoters we will explore the advanced tools you can use to make it easier and reach more people. Discussion included.

Learn how the Rethinking the Creative Economy action research team cultivated nested networks of artists for regional identity & economic development. See how an online, multi-disciplinary art show can both showcase and acknowledge local artists. (Blended audience)

Tens of thousands visit the small New England Village of Shelburne Falls yearly. How do they do it? Learn from those who make it happen. The Shelburne Falls Area Business Association with the towns of Buckland & Shelburne have a strong ongoing relationship that fosters planning for the future. There’s always challenges, staying ahead of the game is what makes the difference!

This discussion / workshop will look at what it takes to create a Word Festival
and how without the participation of artists, audience, business and municipal leaders it
doesn’t happen. Information as to how the GAWFest was created and works, with emphasis
on artists in the room as to whether their art form lends itself to it’s own kind of festival / public

Why Don’t I Know About This? Ideas to Keep You in the Loop; Dee Boyle-Clapp

The Arts Extension Service is a national arts service organization and has long had its finger on a national pulse. Everywhere we travel, the question from artists is always the same: Why don’t I know about this? This workshop will introduce artists to institutions, thought-leaders to follow, and resources for funding, artist residency, public arts projects, and other educational resources.

A discussion and presentation about the digital recording revolution and how it applies to muscians, podcasters and others who are interested in setting up a personal recording system.
The workshop will focus on the new technologies of the home recording studio and how musicians can benefit from setting up a home studio. For anyone interested in the recording arts